Sunday, March 30, 2014


My first experience driving down to The States for a race didn't turn out to be a great one. After driving to Weedsport, staying overnight at a local hotel, and arriving at the venue we found out that the event was cancelled because there was "too much snow and mud". Only pre-registered participants got notified via SMS, while the information on the web site didn't get updated till the day of the race. Lesson learned - when driving 3 hours to an event, pre-register and make damn certain it hasn't been cancelled.

The one positive part of the trip was that while looking for the organizers, we did quite a bit of driving around the farm in said "too much snow and ice", and our little wagon absolutely blew my mind. The ground was very wet and muddy, with at least a foot of snow and ice on top. It was so bad I was certain we'd need a tractor to pull us out the minute we got off the main road (and I'm someone who once decided that a front wheel drive car with an open diff would be perfectly fine on a snowmobile trail). The Impreza TS with the most basic of Subaru's AWD systems didn't even spin it's tires! Even when climbing up a snowy gradient, with 3 people in the car and a trunk full of wheels and tools, the car just went where I pointed it, with no hesitation whatsoever. For the record, we were running 205/70/15 no-name brand snow tires that weren't particularly fresh. So although better than any all-seasons, it was definitely not the tires. What a car!

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