Friday, March 28, 2014

Off To The Races

It's funny that just a month after watching Ryan Symancek's series 'My Life as a Rallyist' we're off to the States for a rallycross at the exact same venue Ryan attended in the series, driving pretty much the same car.

The car is packed with helmets, tools, a jack, couple extra wheels, some oil, and several bottles of coolant (because Subaru). The excited face is on. The plan is to leave tonight as soon as I finish this post, find a cheap motel around Rochester, have a couple beers, and in the morning - wake up extra early for the Central New York region SCCA rallycross at Walczyk's Farm.

No idea what to expect, but the track from Google's satellite view looks like a lot of fun, the directions include the phrase "if it is wet you will need either snow tires or 4WD (or both)", and the forecast calls for... wait for it... ice pellets. Awesome!

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