Tuesday, April 15, 2014

CNY Rallycross At Last

The first time we tried driving down to a rallycross in the US, the event got cancelled. However we decided to try the next event, and couldn't be happier that we gave it a second chance. The organizers were extremely apologetic for not updating the site early enough about the cancellation, and we quickly forgot all about it and got down to racing. Still, every time a fellow competitor introduced themselves we got an "ah, you must be those Canadians who drove down the other week".

Thursday, April 3, 2014

New Goodies

The plan with the car was to drive it on the current motor, and slowly gather the parts we need for the swap. Among the parts we needed were a WRX hood with a scoop for the intercooler, a wiring harness and ECU, a WRX front crossmember to fit the motor, and a WRX clutch and flywheel to handle the extra power. We've decided to keep the gearbox from the Impreza as, contrary to popular belief, it's just as strong as the one found in the WRX but has the extra advantage of a slightly shorter final drive ratio (4.11 vs 3.9 of the WRX) for better acceleration. The gearing is probably one of the main reasons why our Impreza feels faster off the line than my friend's WRX of the same generation.