Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Rally Wagon Goes On A Diet

We decided that we need a way to mount a GoPro inside the car to film our impeccable driving technique try and figure out why we are so unbelievably slow. The only reasonable option was an adhesive mount on the ceiling, which meant the headliner needed to come off. And in order for the headliner to come off, all the interior trim bits needed to come off. Along with the carpets, naturally. So our wagon went on a bit of a diet...

Pile of interior parts

Adding Some Bling

The one disadvantage of co-owning a car is not being able to agree on what colour the wheels should be. The ricer in me I was set on obnoxious green, while Danil wanted orange to match his WRX. In the end we agreed to disagree and settled for the Subaru cliche gold. Bought a can of Dupli-Color gold for a tenner and went for it! In the end it actually turned out much better than we expected it to, and nothing like the cap of the can which was a relief. And no, that's not overspray on the tires - it's mud. Because rally car.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

MLRC Rallycross (Sept 29)

For some reason my race calendar said there would be an autocross in Picton on the 29th of September. I had the Miata all ready to go, and good thing I double checked online – the Autocross was actually on the following weekend. Lucky for me there was a rallycross happening in Bancroft on the 29th. Quick change of plans (and cars), a phone call to my partner in crime, and we were on our way to Bancroft.