Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Rally Wagon Goes On A Diet

We decided that we need a way to mount a GoPro inside the car to film our impeccable driving technique try and figure out why we are so unbelievably slow. The only reasonable option was an adhesive mount on the ceiling, which meant the headliner needed to come off. And in order for the headliner to come off, all the interior trim bits needed to come off. Along with the carpets, naturally. So our wagon went on a bit of a diet...

Pile of interior parts

Headliner removed

In fact we pulled out so much useless stuff that we were lugging around, only half of it fit into the trunk to be taken to the dump.

Turned out it was a good idea to pull half the interior out of the car in the end. Not only because it saved weight and meant we could finally mount our camera, but also because it answered the question of why our floors kept getting wet - a big gaping rust hole from the rear wheel well straight into the cabin! Crap.

Rust hole

Not to worry, my epic fabrication skills came to the rescue and the hole was patched in no time!

Rust hole temporary fix

Yes, that's not a template or anything I actually used a piece of cardboard to patch a hole in the wheel well. But only because we had a rallycross the next day and didn't want to get showered with mud as we drove the course. We'll cut that rust out and weld in a proper patch as soon as there's time, but for now this will have to do.

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