Sunday, November 30, 2014

Rally of the Tall Pines

The 2014 Rally of the Tall Pines in Bancroft, Ontario was the last event in the Canadian Rally Championship. Although we only made it out for the Golton stage and last service it was awesome to see how the pros drive the course we know and love from the MLRC rallycross series. We'll definitely be back next year, making sure to be there bright and early and not miss any of the action.

Choosing Winter Tires For Rallycross

If there's anything I've learned from racing for four years, it's that tires mean everything. So after getting our feet wet in rallycross on some cheap Nexen snows we found on Kijiji, we decided to do it properly for this winter season.

Because we had to buy one set of tires that would be legal for all clubs we plan to race at, we were limited to non-studded tires, and because we're not a sponsored rally team we could not spend $300/each on race tires. Lastly, it had to be a tire that was readily available in the US or Canada.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Skid Plate

I often see people interested in getting into rallycross asking whether they should run a skid plate. You may get away without one at some events, but for events like the MLRC rallycross, I would say that it's an absolute must-have. The shape of ours after just several events speaks for itself.

ABS Switch

After a couple of rallycrosses we have come to the conclusion that the ABS on our Impreza is pretty useless on loose surfaces, so we decided to fabricate a switch.