Thursday, February 12, 2015

It's decided - we're clinically insane!

After having no more than a pint of beer, Danil and I realized that the next rallycross is in upstate New York, on Feb 28. It's an evening race starting at 3pm, and running into the night. The one after that is in Bancroft (about 5 hours north), at 9am on the following day. After giggling like two schoolgirls we looked at each other, and thought - life's too short to miss rallycrosses, we'll attend both!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Our First Podium Finish

This Saturday was the wedding of my close friend at which I was to be best man. This Sunday was the first MLRC rallycross of the 2015 season. I couldn't possibly say no to either, so I've decided that I'll attend both despite knowing that I'll be up all night on Saturday and had to be in Bancroft at 9am on Sunday. Sleep is overrated anyways.

The wedding went on well into the night and by the time I got home it was so late I questioned whether there was any point in going to bed at all. By the time my head hit the pillow it was 3am. We were to leave from my house at 5:30, so the alarm was set for 5. Surprisingly at the first hint of the alarm I hopped up and got ready in record time. Outside I was greeted by a duet of boxer engines (our rally wagon and another Impreza of a friend who came along to watch), and we were on our way shortly.

Walbro, Bro!

Our fuel pump gave up the ghost, which was mildly annoying. On the upside, it gave us a much needed push to start work on the EJ20 swap by changing out the fuel pump to a Walbro unit we already had lying around. Pretty straight forward swap, most of which involved scrubbing off the dirt from the fuel pump cover so as not to get any into the tank. The back seat also had to be removed so as not to bend the float arm while removing the assembly and wiggling it back into place.

At the RallyWagon headquarters, somewhere in Ontario