Thursday, February 12, 2015

It's decided - we're clinically insane!

After having no more than a pint of beer, Danil and I realized that the next rallycross is in upstate New York, on Feb 28. It's an evening race starting at 3pm, and running into the night. The one after that is in Bancroft (about 5 hours north), at 9am on the following day. After giggling like two schoolgirls we looked at each other, and thought - life's too short to miss rallycrosses, we'll attend both!

As crazy as it sounds, it's actually quite doable. If the race in New York finishes around 10pm, we'll get to Bancroft by 3am and even have about 5 or 6 hours of sleep. That is if the car survives the first race. Bit of a tall order, considering it's well into the 400,000km territory. But if something does break, it will be an adventure. I've never done a stage rally, so to me the thought of changing a busted coolant hose at 12am still sounds kind of exciting. Let's hope if something does break, it will be as simple as a coolant hose.

All we can do now is prepare as best as we can for any foreseeable scenario, and bring as many spare parts and tools as we can possibly carry. Either way, it should make for an epic weekend!


Turns out the New York rallycross we planned on attending on the 28th is scheduled to finish a little later than we anticipated (midnight) and even we're not crazy enough to make a 5 hour drive up to Bancroft after that...

Luckily, there's an MCO snowcross happening on the 28th as well, so we're planning to attend that instead. That way we'll finish around 5pm and only have about 2.5 hours to drive to Bancroft for the Sunday rallycross. Turns out we are a tiny bit more sane than we thought.

Update 2:

Shortly after registering for the MCO snowcross event I got an email saying that the event is cancelled due to track conditions. Damn. Thing is, we were so set on racing both days this weekend we decided to switch back to our original plan of attending the race in upstate New York despite its late finish. Yup, definitely insane.

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