Monday, April 13, 2015

Fun vs. Competition

Our initial plan with the wagon was to start driving it on the old 2.5 naturally aspirated motor while collecting parts for the 2.0 turbo swap. As soon as we had everything we needed, we would find some time between races and do the swap. We'd be bumped up to the turbocharged AWD class, but so be it. That is until I saw the 2015 MLRC Rallycross Championship Standings and realized I was in 2nd place in class followed by Danil in 3rd.

We now have all parts needed to do the swap, a place and time to do it... But we must face a difficult decision - do we say to hell with the championship and put in the motor? Or do we wait until the last event of the season in the fall? To make the decision even more difficult we need to face the fact that our current 2.5 is pretty much on its last breath. It drinks oil and coolant at an alarming rate, has trouble climbing hills, sounds like a cement mixer full of assorted hardware on startup, and... well you get the point. Our friend Leo who knows a thing or two about rally cars drove our wagon and said that with our motor there's no way we're winning anything on gravel where traction is much higher than on snow, and power is essential.

So if we decide to stay in the fight for the championship, not only will we need to put off the turbo motor swap until the fall, but we'll also need to find a naturally-aspirated power plant to use for the three remaining races. Sounds like a really stupid idea, but it was a surprisingly easy decision to make. Plus a parts-car with a decent motor just happened to fall into our hands making it a complete no-brainer. You'll know what I mean if you race - you start off thinking "oh, I'll just go out there and have fun" or "I'm just here to learn to drive, I don't care about the results" and then the competition bug hits hard and you can't help but do whatever it takes to win, even if it means diverting completely from your original plan for the car. It's still fun, mind you, just a different kind of fun.

What do you think? Are we nuts to put off the turbo swap, pick up a parts car, and swap in a fresher version the same exact engine all for a small chance at the championship? Let us know in the comments!

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