Friday, February 19, 2016

Swept The Podium at KWRC Rallycross

Last Saturday, on one of the coldest days all winter, the three of us attended the Kitchener-Waterloo Rally Club Rallycross at their new venue - Toronto Motorsports Park in Cayuga. The event had a new format for rallycross proposed by Jeremy Norris of RPR Racing - two stages, and a transit between them. This meant that competitors were split between the stages, and got twice the seat time! Brilliant!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Our 1-2 Finish at MLRC Rallycross

After spending a day at Crazy Leo's advanced driving school, we had so much newfound confidence that we started joking about taking first, second, and third place at the next MLRC rallycross. It would be a long shot though, as our NA AWD class at MLRC is full of very quick drivers who have beaten us numerous times in the past. It also didn't help that our Yokohama A034s were half-worn from the day at the school.