Saturday, June 18, 2016

Our Wagon Is A Little Broken

With just one week until the next MLRC Rallycross, our wagon seems to have developed a few minor gremlins - four blown shocks, an overheating issue, and both motor mounts completely sheared in half. Oh, and the transmission input shaft bearing exploded a bit taking out the front seal and pissing oil all over the clutch. Fantastic!

Not to worry, despite the stupid number of things currently wrong with the car, we're pretty confident we'll get it to Bancroft next Sunday. We already got the gearbox out of the car on Thursday, and we just so happen to have a couple spare boxes in our stash so that's not a huge deal. Herman already got us a new clutch, I'm working on sourcing some STi shocks, and the motor mounts can be borrowed from one of our cars. Last thing that remains is the overheating issue which is going to be the most troublesome to... erm... troubleshoot considering it doesn't seem to be any of the usual culprits. Worst case, we'll have to run with no hood! Looks like it's going to be a busy weekend for us.

The exploded input shaft bearing.

Trying to piece together one good input shaft from two broken ones.

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